2012 saw the release of a new compilation album titled 'Man Chest Hair'  assembled by Mr Andy Votel, featuring various band's from the Stockport area back in the days of the 70's. The track 'Dragon Flight'.... is taken from 'Duck's' 'Strawberry Studio Demo's' recorded circa '75-'76.

'Dragon Flight' recently gained BBC Radio 6 airtime on Stuart Maconie's Freak Zone show & is featured on this page, together with outtakes from the five additional tracks recorded at Strawberry Sudio's & two further tracks recorded at Cavalier Studios between 2001 & 2003. which were part of ‘Duck’s’ live set  back in the earlier days of the band.

        Strawberry Studio Demo's


Duck Dragon Flight - BBC Radio 6 2 No More The Heat Of The Sun 3. Precipice Edge
4. Rump Rumplestiltskin 5. Waxworks 6 Autumn World


Personnel - Strawberry Demo's

Arny Sage: Guitar / Keyboards

Andy Povall: Organ / Keyboards

Andy Rayner: Bass / Vocals

Martin Soar: Drums

                                Stu Pevitt: Lead Vocal - Dragon Flight  
                                  Les Reed : Lead Vocal - Waxworks  
                              Andy Rayner: Lead Vocal - All Other Tracks  


           Cavalier Studio Sessions



Variation 55

    Time Is Gonna Get You  


Personnel - Cavalier Sessions
Arny Sage: Guitar / Keyboards

Dave Darbyshire: Lead Vocal

Pete Willsher: Bass Den Brennan: Drums


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